Create Content that Gets Noticed

When writing content, whether it’s a professional piece for publication or a memo to your coworkers, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to ensure your content actually gets found, and then read. Searchability While witty headlines and tongue in cheek references are fun, be sparing when using them in articles […]

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Why Marketing Automation is Cost-Effective for Small Teams

Deciding whether or not to put money into a marketing automation system can be daunting. Currently, only 18% of small companies (defined as less than 10 employees) are using marketing automation as a core part of their business model. For small and large businesses alike, taking the plunge means another monthly bill, a new system […]

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Hello Arizona Marketing Technology!

Welcome to AZMarTech Thank you for your interest in diving in to learn and discuss how the intersection of Marketing and Technology is changing the world. Ok, changing the world for many businesses, industries, individuals as well as Marketing itself. I started this space to raise awareness and build community around Marketing Technology (MarTech) in […]

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